Five Reasons You’re Still Struggling To Make Money With Your Blog

Do you know what’s the percentage of bloggers whose main motivation is to make money? 7% according to a 2006 Pew Internet study.  According to a more recent report from Technorati’s 2010 State of the Blogosphere, the number is closer to 36%.  If you’re in that 7% or 36%, you might still be one of those people who are struggling to make a consistent income from blogging.  According to a recent article “Blogging All The Way To The Bank” in the Wall Street Journal, there are blogs that are earning as much as $1.3 million per year such as Michelle Madhok’s blog empire consisting of, and  So are you still scraping by trying to generate more than a few cents in AdSense earnings each day?

Reason #1: You Are Scatter-Brained

Write frequently, write passionately and write on topic.  If your goal is to attract a good following, then be sure to focus down to a narrower subject or niche.  For example, a common mistake is blogging about anything and everything under the sun.  Find out what excites you and write about it.  Spend some time looking at similar blogs in your niche and see what they are doing successfully.  This will give you some great ideas how to proceed with your own blog.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re interested in horses.  I did a quick search on Google for “blogs about horses” and found a list of the top blogs about horses.  You’ll see blog titles like Fugly Horse of the Day and Behind the Bit.  It also shows you how many Facebook followers there are for each blog.  You’ll be able to easily scan the most popular blogs and take note of what makes them successful.

Reason #2: Trying Too Hard To Make Money

This is a huge mistake that newbie bloggers often commit.  They start a new blog and slap Amazon ads and AdSense all over the page.  Hey, if you’re just starting out, you’d be better off building an audience and a faithful readership before even thinking about earning any money with the blog.  Once you have established yourself with good content, your readers will tolerate some form of blatant advertising on your blog.  Don’t put the carriage before the horse.

Reason #3: Giving Up Too Soon

You might have aspirations of having the freedom of working from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.  Full-time blogging can certainly be a fulfillment of that dream.  The problem is that somewhere along the way, reality sets in.  You start realizing that blogging can be hard work and you have not seen any significant traffic and income for some time.

Reason #4: You Aren’t Eager To Learn

What I mean here is that you have to at least keep up with the latest technology.  Whether you’re using WordPress or some other CMS for your blog, make sure that you are at least savvy enough to be able to manage your blog.  Unless you want to hire someone to do it for you, it’s best to learn how to do it yourself.  Maybe you need a better layout for your blog to make it look more appealing.  Or a little bit of graphics to spruce things up a little bit.  Go to the library and grab a book whether it’s on basic HTML, CSS or WordPress.

Reason #5: You Treat Your Blog Like A Blog, Not A Business

To make money with your blog, you’ll need a business model.  You’ll have to treat your blog more as a business than a hobby.  Figure out who your customers (or audience) are and what you are going to sell (how you’re providing value).  Most professional bloggers actually make more money from other things like book deals, speaking engagements, courses, etc.  The blog is merely the platform for generating the buzz and a following.  Sure you can make a few dollars here and there with AdSense but it’s going to be tough to have a full-time income just from that.

We’re back!

After a hiatus from blogging, I’m glad to announce that is back. Check back here shortly for new posts that will cover all aspects of how to take your blog from a hobby to a profitable enterprise.


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